3 Ways to Apply Foundation

Foundation creates a flawless finish on your skin to become the canvas for the rest of your makeup. This flawless finish can only be created with the correct foundation for your skin and the right application technique. In this post I am including three of the most popular tools for foundation application, as well as tips for selecting the perfect type of foundation for your skin tone.

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Foundation can either have a natural, matte, or dewy finish. If your skin is more on the oily side of the spectrum, matte finish foundations should work best for you. Foundations with a dewy finish are most compatible with dry to normal skin because they tend to increase the shininess of oily skin. Natural foundations land somewhere in between matte and dewy, and therefore can be used with any skin type.

Do you want to have complete coverage of any discoloration or imperfections of the skin? If so, you can get this by choosing a full-coverage foundation. These tend to be a bit heavier, but will successfully create a flawless finish to the skin. If you desire a lighter feel with less coverage, I suggest just using a light-coverage foundation with SPF for protection against the sun. There are also medium-coverage foundations for those of you looking for something in the middle.

Before applying any foundation, I ALWAYS apply a primer. Primers can fill in pores, decrease texture, and help makeup last longer. I love Benefit POREfessional Face Primer! Although it is a bit pricey, it fills in pores like no other and leaves my skin feeling so smooth!

PLEASE excuse the bags under my eyes… It is the week before finals and I have a precious toddler who wants nothing to do with bed time!


Application of foundation is just as important as the foundation itself. One of the most common techniques is using a beauty sponge to blend the foundation in. I always dampen the sponge before use to prevent it from absorbing all of my foundation. You should pat the foundation into your skin, and always remember to go down the neck a bit to prevent a distinct line beneath your chin.


Another great way to apply foundation evenly is to use a flat-top kabuki brush. With this brush I like to press the foundation into my skin by gently tapping the brush on my face. This technique helps reduce the appearance of pores and eliminates streaking that could be caused by the bristles of the brush. There are several variations of this brush, from high dollar to extremely affordable.


The last tool I use to apply foundation is fairly new and much less common. It is an oval brush – I absolutely love mine! The bristles are as soft as can be and are packed tightly so that this brush does not waste product or leave streak marks. I glide the brush across my face, making sure to cover all areas. Oval brushes are very easy to use due to the shape of the handle. There are many different price points for this type of brush, but from my experience this affordable one works fabulously!



  • Benefit POREfessional Face Primer
  • Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation (104 Golden Beige)
  • Real Techniques Blending Sponge
  • Soobest Flat Top Kabuki Brush
  • iBeauty 21 Oval Brush


All of these tools are fairly affordable and are absolutely worth it for the results they give. Applying foundation has become easy for me by using these tools, so I hope you get the same great results too!

With Love, Jeni


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