Teaching Self-Love

Every time I take my daughter somewhere, people are constantly telling me how beautiful she is. I am sure this is an experience all parents have had, but it really has me thinking…

I love that people take their time to spread positivity by telling others they are beautiful. I absolutely want my daughter to know she is beautiful – but oh so much more than that. Will the constant compliments on her looks make her believe that appearance is the only thing that matters? I need her to know that she is smart, funny, strong, caring, brave, determined and so many other things. So, the only way to ensure she sees this is to teach her myself.


When she counts to ten and sings her ABC’s, I tell her that I am so proud of how smart she is. When she makes up her own song with silly words that make me laugh, I tell her how funny she is. When she falls while playing and jumps right back up, I make sure she knows that takes determination and strength.


I know it may seem crazy to tell this to my two year old, but I think that instilling this as early as possible can only help develop her into a woman who will one day know how important it is to love herself. Personally, I have my own struggles remembering the positive aspects of myself – just like many others do. I never want my daughter to feel as if she is not good enough. She has everything it takes to become anything in the world, and I will reinforce that until she is old enough to see it for herself!


YOU are beautiful. YOU are smart. YOU are funny. YOU are strong. YOU are caring. YOU are brave. YOU are determined. We all have these characteristics, but we show them in different ways and in different areas of our lives. If someone calls you ugly, please know that there are others who believe you are the most beautiful creation that ever existed. Do not allow someone’s negativity to fog your own mind. I may not know a thing in the world about fixing a car, but ask me about fixing my daughter’s boo boos and I will tell you that I am the best in the world! Maybe you can’t bench press 200 pounds, but you have the strength to take care of everyone who needs your help. They are both forms of strength and reasons to be proud.

Remember to love yourself for exactly what YOU are. Do not change because someone thinks you should. Recognize the positive things about yourself, because you have so many amazing traits. I challenge you to think about how you are beautiful, smart, funny, strong, caring, brave, and determined – you may even surprise yourself!

With Love, Jeni


2 Thoughts

  1. Oh gosh I wish I could like this a thousand times. You said it SO perfectly, and it’s so true. I want this for my little girl too. Being a mom is a HARD job, and huge burden. We have such an influence on these little lives, and it’s so important to remember that! Thank you!


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