This morning, just like every morning, I woke up to the best kisses and hugs from the sweetest little girl. All the bad things happening in the world just went away. So, I started thinking.. No one in this world could possibly love me more than she does. If I’m upset, she’ll do everything in her two-year-old power to fix it. She wants me happy, and is truly upset when I am not.


Then, I started thinking more.. God’s love is even bigger! His love is deeper and stronger and never-ending. Even when I am not perfect, he forgives me and loves me anyways. He is by my side every day, and has answered so very many prayers of mine. He is there by my side when I feel alone in the world. He is there to talk to when parenting is hard and I need his help guiding my daughter in the right direction. He is there to watch over my family every day and night, and to protect us all from harm.

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Although I know it will never be as strong, I do my very best to extend this same type of love to everyone around me. When someone needs me, I always try to find a way to be there. If someone feels alone, I never hesitate to answer the phone and talk to them. When people don’t treat me right, I still forgive them because there is no room for hate in my heart.

I am writing this to remind you that God loves you! Right or wrong, he still has your back. Maybe if we all try to extend this type of love to everyone around us, the world will become a more peaceful place. Instead of pointing out flaws, let’s notice the positives in those around us. Let’s stop condemning those who do wrong, and extend a helping hand.

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We are all so loved, every single day, no matter what. Let’s all love one another and stop spreading hate. The world needs your light right now more than ever!

With Love,  Jeni


3 Thoughts

  1. Preach it mama!! You are so right. Gods love is unconditional and when I start to think about it, it brings me to my knees. If only we could love others half as well. Thanks for sharing your heart, girl 🙂


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