Mother’s Day

You made it Mama! Every day out of the year is completely focused on baby, but today is just for you, right?!

Yeah…. probably not.

My first two Mother’s Days, I thought that it was finally my turn to take a step back and pamper myself. This year, I’ve decided on a much more logical way of thinking: I am going to spend Mother’s Day enjoying every minute of motherhood!

No matter how tired I may be, I will wake up and be grateful that God gave me this little girl to cook breakfast for! When she throws a tantrum I will remember how patient and loving God has been to me, and I will spread that positivity to my daughter. When she kisses my forehead and tells me she loves me I will cherish it dearly, wondering what on Earth I could have done to deserve to be her mother. Today, I will relish in every moment, both happy and hard. Without this sweet child, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon the best parts of myself. She has brought out of me understanding, patience, strength, determination, and oh so much unconditional love.

Although the days aren’t always easy, they are so worth it Mama. This little baby of yours is looking up to you, and loves you so very much! You are an amazing mother! You have made it through another year of laughs and cries. You have done your best for your child, and no one can ever take that from you!


Before we know it, these days will be over and our children will be raising their own babies. So, please remember to enjoy it, every crazy, happy, up, and down of every day. Embrace it and continue being the best Mama you can be!


Happy Mother’s Day!

With Love, Jeni


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