Perfecting Your Skincare Routine

I write several posts about applying makeup, but I rarely ever mention one aspect of beauty - makeup removal. Cleaning all of the product off of your skin is so extremely important! You want to wash your face without stripping away the natural oils on your skin, so finding the perfect face wash is key.... Continue Reading →


Shrimp & Spinach Alfredo

This meal is rich, creamy, and incredibly delicious. If you are craving something hearty and tasty, this is definitely a must! When I am not able to find fresh shrimp, I like to substitute chicken instead - either way, this is one of my favorite things to eat! Overall, it usually takes about 20 minutes... Continue Reading →

Summer Glow Makeup Look

Let's be completely honest here, I usually do everything I can to avoid wearing makeup in the summer! The heat here in Florida has a way of making you feel like your makeup is going to melt off your face, so I definitely go natural as much as possible. However, for the days when I... Continue Reading →

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