My Favorite Skin & Hair Care Products


Mario Badescu Lavendar Facial Spray:


This product began as a random, last-minute purchase, but quickly became a daily staple for me! I use this spray after washing my face, before applying makeup products, and to set my makeup when I am done. There are other blends, including a rose water and cucumber scent, but the lavender is by far my favorite! This smells amazing, soothes my skin, brightens my complexion, and helps give my makeup a dewy, healthy finish.


Bath & Body Works Active Body Spray & Gel Lotion:


With the weather warming up here in Florida, I must say I was definitely drawn in when I first noticed this product. It claims to moisturize the skin while cooling you down – and it absolutely does so! Normally, when I apply lotion in the summer, I feel like a greasy mess. But with this, I feel moisturized with no heavy residue left sliding around on my skin. The scent is fresh and simple without being overwhelming.


African Black Soap:



Okay, I know – this product does not look as attractive as some of the others – but looks can be deceiving! I recently switched from my normal face wash to this 100% African Black Soap, and I am thoroughly impressed. This removes any and all makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. There is absolutely no scent, so no need to worry if it leaves a strong smell on your face. I use this at the end of the day to remove any product, dirt, or oils, and then moisturize with the next product below..


African Shea Butter:


When I switched to the African Black Soap for cleansing my skin, I also picked up this African Shea Butter to moisturize with afterwards. My skin has been more on the dry side lately, but this product hydrates my skin like no other! I just break off a small piece, warm it up in my hands, and then apply it to my face and neck. It has a slight natural scent, but it is not strong and it goes away within a short period of time. I also sometimes blend this with coconut oil to make the application a bit smoother.


Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment:


Any time a blemish appears on my skin, I cannot resist the urge to pop it. I know it’s a horrible habit, but if I do mess with a bump, this product comes to the rescue every time. I apply a small amount to the area and it dries the blemish out completely. But – please do not pick at your face if you can help it!!


Lush Grease Lightening:


This product contains ingredients used to soothe skin, reduce oiliness, and keep the face clear of blemishes. Anytime I have an area of redness or I feel like a bump is about to appear, I apply this directly to the area. My favorite thing about this product is that it is thin enough to wear underneath your makeup, and is gentle enough to be applied to the entire face. If you have oilier skin, this may be an awesome pre-makeup product for you to use to decrease shine throughout the day.


OGX Thick & Full Shampoo/Conditioner:


I have been using this brand of shampoo and conditioner in other formulas for a while, but just recently bought the Biotin & Collagen one. I am obsessed! It has the best smell, and it leaves my hair feeling silky, yet more and more full with each use. These products are sulfate-free, which helps colored hair stay vibrant, reduces frizziness, and is great for people who have any scalp irritation, allergies, or eczema.


OGX Renewing + Argan Oil:

To prevent dry ends and to help reduce frizziness, I always use some type of oil on my hair. This product moisturizes without leaving a heavy or greasy residue on my hair. I use this on a daily basis on the ends of my hair, but I try my best to avoid the roots simply because I have no dryness there. However, my daughter sometimes does have dryness on her scalp as well as her ends, so I apply this to the entire length of her hair. This can be used on any hair type or texture, so don’t be afraid to test it out! It leaves my hair smooth, frizz-free, and smelling wonderful!



This list consists of some of my current absolute favorite skin and hair care products! If you are experiencing any of the issues highlighted under each product, I urge you to test these products out for yourself. Of course, each person is unique, and what works for me may not suite you. I hope you all enjoy and have found something beneficial in this post! Thank you all for reading!

With Love, Jeni




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