5 Must-have Items for Your Bag

The contents of a bag definitely tell a lot about a person – and mine says I love to eat and have a toddler! Other than the obvious necessities like my wallet, phone, keys, and toys (lots of toys), here are 5 of the most useful items that I always keep handy!


  1. Water: It’s apparently pretty important that we drink the recommended amount of water each day! Water helps flush the body of any toxins, which can help reduce the probability becoming sick, keep your skin blemish-free, and stop a headache dead in its tracks. Water also helps increase energy and can promote healthy weight loss. Keeping a reusable water bottle in my bag constantly reminds me to drink, drink, and drink some more! I love my Stainless Steel Water Bottle from Target because it keeps my water nice & cool – and it is able to withstand many crashes to the floor due to my clumsiness (and toddler)!IMG_0512
  2. Lint Roller: This is 1000% a necessity for me. I have two beautiful, sweet, and loving white dogs, yet I LIVE in black leggings. So, the majority of the time that I go anywhere, I am covered in hair, regardless of how many times I tried to remove it before leaving home. This is why I always keep a spare lint roller in my bag (and two more in my car!)img_0504-e1526786054962.jpg
  3. Gum: Let’s be honest here, this one speaks for itself. No need to stress over what you may have had for lunch, just keep some gum with you in case of an emergency!
  4. Snack: Ok, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t include this on the list. First of all, I love to eat, so the snack will always come in handy & never be wasted. However, as a mother, I find myself skipping meals more times than I would like to admit. I will feed my daughter, and then run out of time to actually sit down and eat as well. I try to keep a somewhat healthy snack in my bag at all times to ensure that I don’t get hangry – because that is absolutely a real thing! This saves myself and everyone around me from the devastating effects of me missing a meal.


  5. Eyelash Curler: This may seem a bit random, but I am going to explain. If I were to only have one makeup product, it would be mascara. So, if I am wearing makeup, I always apply mascara before leaving home. The odd thing here is that I love the effect of curling my lashes after applying mascara & allowing it to dry. I find that the curl holds much longer and stronger than simply curling the lashes pre-mascara. Be sure to allow the mascara to dry completely before attempting to curl them, in order to avoid a complete disaster! By keeping my eyelash curler in my bag, I can touch up my lashes whenever necessary in order to keep them as long & luscious as possible!


“I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Matthew 28:20


With Love, Jeni




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