Walmart Winter Clothing Haul


          Walmart has apparently been stepping up their game in the clothing department, and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. I have seen several fall and winter clothing hauls from Walmart recently… and I am surprisingly impressed! I normally venture into this store for household supplies and groceries, but never even glance toward the clothing because I have never seen anything that fits my style. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for finding the best deals possible, I just didn’t think Walmart offered many trendy options in women’s clothing – I was wrong!

          After watching so many cute outfits come from such an affordable store, I had to go see for myself what was up. My Walmart wasn’t fully stocked, but I found several items that far exceeded all of my expectations! Being 7 months pregnant also limited some of my options, so I’m sure many of you will be able to find even more cute items than I could!

          Due to the pregnancy thing, I only grabbed two pair of bottoms, but they actually had tons of cute jeans, jeggings, and sweatpants. My goal was mostly to find winter sweaters, cardigans, and long-sleeve tops that would be long enough to cover the growing belly and comfy enough to actually want to wear for the next two months!


White Fur Sweater (Size M $12) with Jeggings (Size M $12) & Cheetah Booties ($9)

The sherpa style is super popular at the moment, so I was extremely excited when I saw this sweater/cardigan version. (They also had a pullover version, but my 7-month-pregnant belly just wasn’t cooperating with that one.) I’m 5’7″, and I rarely find pants that are the right length for me – however, I was somehow able to fit comfortably in these jeggings, and they actually were long enough to wear with booties. Speaking of the booties – they were on sale for NINE DOLLARS! I couldn’t pass them up, and I am glad I didn’t. They are cute, comfortable, and affordable!




Allergic to Mornings sweatshirt (Size L $10) with Khaki baseball cap ($3)

This may be my favorite outfit . . . what can I say? I’m pretty simple and love to be comfortable! I got both the sweatshirt and hat from Walmart for $12. The sweatshirt is a size large and the baseball cap is an adjustable one-size-fits-all. I paired these with my tan UGG boots and Forever 21 leggings. The sweatshirt is extremely soft on the inside, thick enough to keep me warm – but not hot, and seems to be great quality for such a low price.



I also picked up two other colors in the baseball cap! I mean how could I resist when they are only three dollars?!


Long Black Sweater/Tunic (Size L $17)

I must admit, I was a bit bummed when I saw that my size wasn’t in stock in this sweater. As soon as I put it on, I changed my mind. I love this sized up as a sweater dress with my knee high boots by Jessica Simpson, but it can also easily be dressed down with leggings and more casual shoes. There were several different color options to choose from as well, including a beautiful mustard shade that I have to go back and get!


Red & Black PJ Bottoms (Size M $10) with Long White Cardigan (Size S $19) & Fur Slippers ($5)

In case you don’t see a trend here, I am here for comfort! These pants are a pregnant mama’s dream. I am not ashamed to say, I’ve worn them every day since I bought them – they are just that comfortable! Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for some cute slip on shoes with a rubber bottom, and these did just the trick. The white cardigan here is soft, warm, and can be dressed up or down depending on your preferences. I love the look and feel of every piece of this outfit!


White Button Sweater (Size M $16) & Jeggings (Size M $12)


These are the same jeggings from above, but after wearing them around, I can definitively say that I will be buying more! I mean, twelve dollars? Sign me up. This sweater is a simple piece that can be worn in so many different ways. Dress it up with booties and jewelry or tone it down with sneakers and leggings; whatever your heart desires!


Overall, I am more than happy with every single item that I purchased. I hope that this blog post encourages you all to step out of your comfort zone and go check out the clothing in Walmart; you may be just as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand. – Psalm 37:24

With Love, Jeni


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