Styling My Daughter’s Curls

One question that I receive on a daily basis is, “How do you style her hair?” I know many parents struggle with styling their childrens’ hair, especially if it has a different texture than their own. After trying out several different products and techniques, I have figured out what exactly works for my daughter’s hair, and hopefully my insight can help you out a bit with styling curly hair!

I’ve spent years trying different products, and have learned that many curl products are simply too heavy for my daughter’s hair. I have tried oils, leave-in-conditioners, curl creams, you name it! We used Shea Moisture products in the past, which were great if I used just a small amount at a time – however, then, her curls wouldn’t hold long without becoming frizzy. I tried several items from the Miss Jessie’s brand, and those were hit & miss for us. I could honestly go on & on with the different brands that we’ve used, but it seems that her hair takes well to rotating out different products every few months.

The top products that work best on her hair are:

  • Cantu Leave-in Conditioning Repair Cream
  • Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls
  • OGX Argan Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Gel

These are the specific products that I love, but I have not tried every product from these brands, so I can’t speak on them all. I did try the Curl Custard from Miss Jessie’s brand, and it dried my daughter’s hair out to the point where I had to trim 3 inches off the bottom, but the Multicultural Curls works perfectly for her. If a hair product is not working the way you like it, then don’t rule out the entire brand. Try different options out, because I guarantee that there is a perfect product out there for you!


  1. Wash & Condition Hair: I only shampoo my daughter’s hair about once per week, but we condition it every 2-3 days. For her hair texture, it is crucial not to over-wash because it will dry her hair out. Make sure to leave conditioner in hair for at least 3-5 minutes.img_7433
  2. Leave-in Conditioner & Comb: I apply leave-in conditioner to her damp hair & comb through it with a wide toothed comb. If it is before bed, I will go ahead and braid the hair into one braid to keep it from tangling/frizzing while she sleeps. (Wet or dry, I always braid her hair before bed for these same reasons.)img_7435
  3. Styling:
  • if hair was braided overnight, I undo the braid, dampen the hair with a spray bottle, apply a bit of oil & either the Multicultural Curls or the leave-in conditioner.
  • if hair is still damp, I just make sure to apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner or I also add in the Multicultural Curls for extra definition and hold.
  • I add the gel to her edges just to keep them from frizzing. We have tried creams and thicker products for this step, but her hair is much too fine, so this lightweight gel works best. I also use this to hold any ponytails or braids in place.



  • Wide Tooth Comb – for removing tangles; I never comb her hair when dry
  • Rat Tail Comb – used to part hair
  • Soft Brush – used to create bump-free ponytails & to lay edges down
  • Water Bottle


I hope that this little bit of information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, head over to the contact page or message me on Instagram for an immediate response!

(IG: @jeni_quinn )

You are God’s masterpiece. – Ephesians 2:10

With Love, Jeni


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