10 Must-Haves for a New Baby

We are expecting our second little bundle of joy in about two months. Our kids will be around 4 1/2 years apart, so we essentially have to start over with several things - not to mention, now we'll need blue items instead of pink! This time around I feel much more sure of the things [...]


DIY Personalized Christmas Stockings

I'm normally pretty nonchalant with the Christmas decorations - we have a tree up, small decorations here and there, but nothing too fancy or elaborate by any means! With a brand new baby boy on the way, I wanted to do something a little different for our family stockings. We usually all just pick one [...]

5 Healthy Foods to Eat Daily

We all struggle to find a healthy balance in our lives, whether that be with nutrition, exercise, work, or family life. In order to keep my nutrition as healthy (and delicious) as possible, I have figured out a few healthy items that I truly enjoy eating on a daily basis. The items I have found [...]

Mother’s Day

You made it Mama! Every day out of the year is completely focused on baby, but today is just for you, right?! Yeah.... probably not. My first two Mother's Days, I thought that it was finally my turn to take a step back and pamper myself. This year, I've decided on a much more logical [...]


This morning, just like every morning, I woke up to the best kisses and hugs from the sweetest little girl. All the bad things happening in the world just went away. So, I started thinking.. No one in this world could possibly love me more than she does. If I'm upset, she'll do everything in [...]